My dog gets stressed at the vet, but I still take her. My dog gets stressed in the bath, but I still bathe her when she needs it. Just because Colby may have been stressed about going to the groomer doesn’t make his guardian at fault for having him groomed. Maybe her home doesn’t have a tub, or she couldn’t lift him herself, or he wouldn’t let her trim his nails, or she didn’t want her regular bath tub drain to get clogged by the amounts of hair he would shed. Maybe she just wanted him groomed professionally. Grooming is a basic service and there is nothing wrong with getting your dog groomed. There IS something wrong with *not* getting your dog groomed when it needs it-I have seen some *horrible* neglect cases. Personally, I would never again go to a Petco or Petsmart groomer; I had one bad experience myself (not to this extent, we were only there for a nail trim) and have since heard too many things. Wouldn’t have guessed that these places can be careless and life threatening. Unfortunately, I’ve also heard things about actual grooming salons. It can be difficult to find a place that you can trust, though I have also met and known some groomers who are amazing at what they do. They are kind to all of the animals, patient with the fearful ones and take the proper precautions and correct steps with the heavy ones. It’s not her fault that she didn’t assume that they would kill her dog. I’m sure she would avoid them in the future, if she does get a new dog one day.